Software package 2015

Student computers and non-personal lecture computers etcetera will be re-installed upon request. Staff computers will be reinstalled by IT Helpdesk on request of the user or earlier if the computer is reported to have errors. 

Basic package

Major changes compared to 2013

  • The logon is made to a new catalogue service, Active Directory, and automatically followed by logon to Novell. If not connected to the network, a local logon to the computer can be made, provided you have previously logged on to the network connected with a network cable. (There is no longer a "Computer Only Logon" option on the logon page.)
  • Users of JU laptops with Program Package 2015 are to use Selfservice user account when they want to change password to the JU account.
  • Improved security. Staff who needs to installa a program or change confgurations to the operating system will be asked to authenticate with user id and password. Students can not install programs or make changes to the operating system.
  • The basic package 2015 is smaller than 2013. The following programs are no longer preinstalled in the package but are available to install via the network.  -Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat Pro is preinstalled)
    -Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2013
    -Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Firefox is replaced by Chrome. Firefox is available to install via the network.
  • All other programs have been upgraded to the latest version.

    Additional package

    Additional packages for JTHPDF

    Content updated 2016-11-22

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