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Jönköping University has adopted the EU Commission’s Charter & Code as part of the work aimed at increased internationalisation and increasing internationally competitive research at the seat of learning. Systematic work is now being undertaken with the aim of applying for HR certification at the end of 2017.

– the European research is to become the world’s most competitive

In 2005 the European Commission put forward a recommendation regarding the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The background was the wish for the European research activity to become the world’s most competitive knowledge-based economy.

The wish was to set up a strong European area for research activity and to create an attractive, sustainable and inviting labour market for researchers. It was also to improve the conditions for free research, promote the open labour market for researchers and make it possible to recruit and retain outstanding researchers. The aim of the Charter & Code is also to ensure that the relationship between researcher and employer will contribute towards successful performance, access to, and exchange of, knowledge, technical development and career development.

– the Charter for Researchers and the Code for the Recruitment of Researchers

The Charter & Code consist of general principles and requirements which specifies the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers as well as employers. The Charter & Code comprises a framework for researchers and employers which encourages them to act in a professional and responsible manner and with insight into the recruitment process and the equal treatment of all applicants. The Charter & Code are aimed at all researchers within the European Union at all stages of their career and covers all areas of research within the public and private sectors.

Employers who join up to the code of behaviour signal their undertaking to act in a responsible and respectable manner and to provide fair conditions for researchers, with a clear intention of contributing towards the development of the European research area.

– a distinction for employers for a good working environment for researchers

The HR-strategy HRS4R (HR Strategies for Researchers) constitutes a support and tool for the employer in regard to the work on implementation of the Charter & Code. HR certification “HR Excellence in Research” can be awarded by the EU Commission following a thorough analysis of the employer’s personnel policy and other prerequisites via laws, agreements and other guidelines. The employers who receive the distinction are regarded as having a stimulating and good working environment for researchers.

Ongoing work – HRS4R at Jönköping University

As part of the work aimed at increased internationalisation and increasing the internationally competitive research, Jönköping University 2016 endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. With the endorsement of the Charter & Code, Jönköping University commits the stated principles and will guarantee a research environment conditions as expressed in the document.

The work on carrying out a gap analysis on the basis of HRS4R has started and, during 2017, there will be a strong focusing of work on completing this. Taking part in the gap analysis work will be the Associate Deans of research and researchers at the Schools as well as representatives from HR and other administrative staff within Jönköping University.

Work on the analysis of personnel policies and other regulations will be based on 40 principles in four groups:

  • Ethical and professional aspects
  • Recruitment
  • Working conditions and social security
  • Training

Jönköping University will then draw up a plan of action with measures that are designed to guarantee the working environment and such working conditions as are expressed in the Charter & Code. We expect to be able to submit our application for HR certification to the EU Commission towards the end of 2017.

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Jönköping University’s letter of endorsement (pdf)PDF

Regulations for Appointment of Teachers at Jönköping UniversityPDF 

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Chief HR Officer Ingrid Estrada-Magnusson

Content updated 2017-05-10

Content updated 2017-05-10

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