Bengt Johannisson


Bengt Johannisson, Ph.D, was the first professor in Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Sweden. 1989-99 he held a chair at Lund University, also serving at Växjö Unviersity. In l989 he was as well professor in Innovation and Strategy at Roskilde University in Denmark. 1999-2007 he held a chair Entrepreneurship and Business Development at Växjö University. He has also been a visiting research fellow at Aston University, England, York University, Canada, Vienna University of Economics, Austria, University of Insubria, Italy and Stanford University, USA. At present Bengt Johannisson is a part-time professor at Jönköping University, its International Business School as well as at Växjö University.


Bengt Johannisson special research fields are entrepreneurship — theory and practice, organisation theory, entrepreneurial networking, especially in spatial settings, and local economic development. He has published widely in international journals such as Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, International Small Business Journal, International Studies of Management & Organization, Academy of Management Learning & Education and Concepts and Transformation. Between l998 and 2007 Bengt Johannisson was the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

Bengt Johannisson is the 2008 winner of the FSF-Nutek International Award for scientific work of outstanding quality and importance in the field of entrepreneurship.

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