Hubert Fromlet

Hubert Fromlet's areas of interest and research are:

  • International economics
  • Macroeconomic impact from globalization on the corporate level
  • Global financial markets
  • Emerging economies with emphasis on countries in the Baltic Sea Region, China and India
  • Applied growth theory
  • Interdisciplinary economic research including political, social and psychological input
  • Monetary policy

Hubert Fromlet arranges economic conferences and invitations to prominent foreign speakers. He currently is a member of several boards of economic associations and editorial boards. In 2001, he received the "Abramson Scroll" in recognition of an outstanding article published in Business Economics (editor National Association for Business Economics, Washington D.C.). He has lectured at various universities in, for example, the United States, Germany and China. Hubert Fromlet comments regularly on current economic issues on TV, radio and in newspapers. He also developed the Purchasing Manager Index (PMI, "Inköpschefsindex") and the Affordability Index for Home Purchases ("Boindex") for Sweden.

Content updated 2010-09-21
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