24 augusti 13.00-15.00 sal Hc222 seminarie titel - Mobilizations of concepts related to
communication, culture and diversity inside and outside the Swedish context.

Seminar presenter - Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, professor in Education, PhD in Communication at JU

Seminar abstract - Building upon my recent ethnographically framed studies, I will, in this seminar, focus upon the
“webs-of-understandings” (Bagga-Gupta 2012, 2014) related to “translanguaging”. This critical reflection will include a discussion of conceptual trajectories of “TL” and other related concepts such as “immigration” (from the 18thcentury onwards), and “nyanlända” and “super/hyper-diversity” (in the 21stcentury). The relevance of neologisms will be discussed from the following two perspectives: (i) social theories and decolonial framings, and (ii) their added value (if any) for the institutional field of education, including teacher-education.


One of my in-press or soon-to-be submitted articles will be available a week prior to the seminar and constitute background reading in preparation for the seminar. I will also circulate a more
focused seminar abstract that will be available before the seminar.

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