Digital Exam

Digital Exam

Information and links for writing digital exam in Inspera

Digital exam JU

Preparations before exam

Before exam

  • Arrive to the examination room at least 30 minutes before the exam starts
  • Bring your laptop computer and the charger
    No charger? Then you'll need to borrow a JU-computer! Contact an invigilator immediately!
  • Don't forget to bring a valid ID (JU-card with valid student union stamp, driver's license, passport)

In the exam room

  • You need to be logged in 15 minutes before the exam starts to assure that everything works
  • Start your computer and connect to Eduroam (Wi-Fi)
  • Shut down all running programs
  • Start a web browser - Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari (Mac OS)
  • Go to ju.inspera.comexternal link, opens in new window
  • Log in with your JU-account
    If you have problems with your JU-account or Eduroam, contact an invigilator immediately!
  • You find your exam under "My tests"
  • Open your exam with the SEB-password you get on the occasion
  • Don't turn off the computer when the screen turns black!
  • When you've finished your exam, contact an invigilator!