Information about Ladok

Information about Ladok

Ladok is a study-specific administration system used by Swedish universities and colleges for documentation purposes. Ladok contains information about all students at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The person responsible for the local administration of the system at Jönköping University is Magnus Blom.

What information is contained in Ladok?

In addition to certain personal data about each student, Ladok contains information about eligibility requirements, admission, course registration, results, academic points, breaks in study, study abroad, research and degrees.

Where does information in Ladok come from?

Information in Ladok comes from many sources. For example, the admissions office submits information about admitted students such as personal data and which eligibility requirements have been met. Student services and the administrative staff at each school enter registration and results for courses and programmes, address changes, and reports of degrees awarded.

What if something is entered incorrectly in Ladok?

Much of the information in Ladok is entered manually, and of course mistakes can be made. It is therefore important that students check all their information carefully. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the school responsible in order to correct the information.

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