Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership

Congratulations! This year CeFEOJIBS will have a big representation going to the Academy of Management conference!

The following contributions/people have been accepted:


This year CeFEO/JIBS will have a big representation going to the Academy of Management conference!

Academy of Management is the leading conference in the management discipline. For more information about AOM, please see their website.

Anna Jenkins, Leona Achtenhagen, Karin Hellerstedt:

”Back to Employment? SME Employers Perceptions of applicants’ Entrepreneurial Failure Experience”

Zahra, S, Giuseppe Criaco, Lucia Naldi, B. Larrañeta:

“Industry Knowledge Characteristics, Prior Experience and New Venture Survival”

Francesco Chirico, Dawn DeTienne, N. Symeanidou:

“The Perseverance of Family Firms: Performance Threshold and Firm Survival”

Magdalena Markowska, Friederike Welter:

“From Dishwasher to Celebrity Restaurateur: Narrating Entrepreneurial Identities”

Mattias Nordqvist, Khizran Zehra:

“Informal Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Governance Mechanisms: Role of Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness”

Ethel Brundin, Joakim Netz ,Martin Svensson:

“Adaptive Strategizing: The Role of Affective Expressions for Effective Crisis Management”

Célina Smith, Mattias Nordqvist:

"Who Dares Wins? A Study of Brinkmanship Behavior in Firms"

Naveed Akhter, Francesco Chirico, Philip Sieger:

“If We Cannot Have It Then No One Should: Shutting Down Versus Selling In Family Business Portfolios”

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