CeFEO has initiatied a number of collaborations with local actors and institutions with the purpose of developing partnerships in our outreach initiatives.

CeFEO has co-organized the following events:

Recent collaborations:

  • FBN and Vinge (Stockholm)
  • Grant Thornton (Stockholm)
  • Family Business Network (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Nordea (Jönköping)
  • Styrelsepoolen (Göteborg)
  • Hushållningssällskapet (Huskvarna)

A number of new initiatives are currently under development and will take place during 2020:

  • Chamber of Commerce (Jönköping)
  • Almi (Jönköping)
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jönköping)
  • The Harbour (Jönköping)

Please get in touch with Linnea Lind if you would like to explore some possible collaborations.