Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership

Academic Journals

As an important way of impacting the field’s knowledge creation and diffusion, CeFEO members have active roles with a number of different academic journals. These roles include; associate editor, guest editor, and member of the editorial board.


Special Issues

Examples of recent special issues launched by CeFEO together with other scholars from other institutions include:

  • Astrachan J., Baù M., Binz-Astrachan C., Campopiano G. (to be published during 2020). Values, Spirituality and Religion: Family Business and the Roots of Sustainable Ethical Behavior. Journal of Business Ethics

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  • Baù M., Block J., Naldi L., Discua-Cruz A. (to be published during 2020). Locality and Internationalization of Family Firms. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

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  • Baù M., Eddleston K., Sieger P., Pittino D. (to be published during 2020). Career Issues in Family Business: Understanding Career Ladders and Glass Ceilings. Journal of Family Business Strategy.

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Chirico F, Melin L, Salvato C, Seidl D. (published in 2019). Advancing Organization Studies in Family Business Research: Exploring the Multilevel Complexity of Family Organizations. Special issue in Organization Studies.

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  • Wigren-Kristofersen C., Korsgaard S., Brundin E., Hellerstedt K., Alsos G.A., Grande, J. (to be published during 2021). Entrepreneurship and Embeddedness: Dynamic, Processual and Multi-layered Perspectives. Special Issue in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

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Content updated 2020-02-11

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