In 2019 CeFEO has initiated a Research Grant Program for supporting for 2 years a JIBS faculty member with a Ph.D. in conducting a research project in line with the Centre’s focus areas of family business and ownership. The expected outcome of the CeFEO investments is the development of an application to external research grants on the topic and at least one publication ABS 3 (or above) from each grant recipient. The recipients are expected to be actively engaged with the center’s activities for the entire duration of the grant. This initiative continued in 2020

In 2021, thanks to a strategic investment of Jönköping University, CeFEO has assigned the 3rd CeFEO Research Grant to newly recruited faculty members with the purpose of developing new research projects in family business and apply to external research funds within the focus areas of CeFEO and actively engage in the centre's activites.

The recipients are: