Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership

CeFEO Seminar Series

CeFEO organizes seminars for scholars, and family business practitioners such as owners, managers, advisors and policy makers with interest in family enterprising and ownership.

Seminars vary in length and can be held as a 1 hour seminar, half day seminar or two day seminar.

Seminars are organized both internally within organizations or as open seminars in different locations. Each seminar is focussed on current topic of relevance for a wide audience of interested individuals. Seminars are led by one of the Professors within CeFEO and speakers may be CeFEO members or other experts (within and outside JIBS) in the particular subject covered during the seminar.

Specific emphasis is put on achieving a high degree of interaction between speakers and audience and to secure them a satisfactory learning outcome (e.g. feedback on how to strengthen the paper or address Editors & Reviewers’ comments, new knowledge on specific or broader topics etc.).

Type of Seminars offered by CeFEO

  • CeFEO Research Seminars (presentation of working papers)
  • CeFEO R&R Research Seminars (presentation of papers for which a Review & Resubmit have been received from a Journal)
  • Journal Special Issues CeFEO Labs (targeting paper submissions to Journal Special Issues)
  • CeFEO Elevator Pitch (paper idea generation and development)
  • CeFEO Workshops (multiple papers presented by authors, and discussed in detail by internal and external mentors)

For more information on CeFEO seminars please contact Massimo Bau

Content updated 2019-08-27

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