Given the many faculty members working as part of CeFEO and the heterogeneity of their research interests, it is no surprise that different research projects, leading to different publications, have been developed over time.

Below you can find links to scientific publications authored by CeFEO members. These reflect the breadth of the research at CeFEO while offering important scientific results in the areas of family business and/or ownership.

Selected publications (from 2018)

In bold are indicated JIBS faculty members affiliated with CeFEO: 

In press





All publications

This list is updated through the Jönköping University Library digital database (DIVA). 

  • Achtenhagen, L., Cyron, T., Ehlers, A., Garz, M., Steigenberger, N. (2020). Att lyckas med intres­sentdialogen. Organisation & Samhälle (pp. 54-59).
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  • Fisher, J., Languilaire, J., Lawthom, R., Nieuwenhuis, R., Petts, R., Runswick-Cole, K., Yerkes, M. (2020). Community, work, and family in times of COVID-19. Community, Work and Family 23(3), 247-252
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  • Naldi, L., Criaco, G., Patel, P. (2020). Related and unrelated industry variety and the internationalization of start-ups. Research Policy
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  • Nordqvist, M., Gartner, W. (2020). Literature, Fiction, and the Family Business. Family Business Review 33(2), 122-129
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  • Broberg, P., Tagesson, T., Uman, T. (2020). Antecedents of psychological well-being among Swedish audit firm employees. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(10),
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  • Baum, C., Lööf, H., Stephan, A. (2020). Occupational sorting and wage gaps of refugees. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research
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  • van Helvert-Beugels, J., Nordqvist, M., Flören, R. (2020). Managing tensions as paradox in CEO succession: The case of nonfamily CEO in a family firm. International Small Business Journal 38(3), 211-242
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  • Melander, A., Andersson, D., Elgh, F., Fjellstedt, F., Löfving, M., Thulin, M. (2020). Hoshin Kanri: Innovativ ledning av strategiarbete. Lund: Studentlitteratur AB
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  • Sindambiwe, P. (2020). The challenges of continuity in family businesses in Rwanda. (Doctoral thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School)
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  • Ramirez-Pasillas, M., Lundberg, H., Nordqvist, M. (2020). Next generation external venturing practices in family owned businesses. Journal of Management Studies
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