Christina Hedman

PhD, professor in Swedish as a Second Language, Department of Teaching and Learning, Stockholm University

Christina Hedman holds a position as full Professor in Swedish as a second language at the Department of Teaching and Learning, Stockholm University, Sweden. Drawing on critical sociolinguistics, her research centers around multilingualism from language educational and policy perspectives.

An important research focus has been the language, literacy and literary educational provisions aimed at students with migration backgrounds in Sweden, such as Swedish as a Second Language, Language Introduction, and Mother Tongue Instruction, from the perspectives of those concerned. Recent research projects include, amidst other, a collaborative project on Critical Multilingual Language Awareness among migrant adolescents (SU–Cambridge Collaborative Research Grants Scheme), Visual Resources in Language Teaching for Adults (The Swedish Institute for Educational Research) and Children with Migration Background in Schools for Students with Intellectual Disability: A New Research Field funded by the Swedish Research Council. In the two latter projects, critical sociolinguistics and language educational perspectives intersect with critical disability studies. This recent research is also informed by Linguistic Ethnography. In CUEEd-LL, Christina co-supervises one of the PhD students.

Bild på Christina Hedman