Malin Reljanovic Glimäng

PhD student at the Department of Culture, Languages and Media, Malmö University.

I am a teacher educator in the subject of English Studies and Education at the department of Language, Culture and Media, Malmö University. Over the years I have taught a wide range of courses focusing on areas such as cultural studies, media, literature, global English, global citizenship education, and (critical) intercultural education. Lately, I am also involved in implementing virtual exchange (VE) as an integrated part of teacher education for pre-service English teachers. VE is a learning-by-doing, experiential approach to education through which participants from different parts of the world engage in intercultural collaboration online across geographical and/or cultural boundaries.

My PhD project is a qualitative study based on practitioner research. The work-in-progress title is Reading the World in Virtual Exchange: Critical Intercultural Literacies and English Teacher Education. and the overarching aim is to explore opportunities and challenges involved in fostering critical intercultural literacies in pre-service English teaching through the pedagogical approach of VE. The dissertation is a compilation thesis, and the four articles each follow different research questions and theoretical perspectives depending on the aim, content, and empirical materials of the sub-study. Glocally and culturally empowering education through transnational digital encounters is at the core of this research project.

In my freetime I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring nature with our dog, or doing yoga.

Malin Reljanovic Glimäng