Encell researchers’ presentations from the October 2018 Education and Learning of Older Adults (ELOA) conference are available to view below.

A total of eight people from Sweden were at the ELOA conference, October 11-13, 2018. Cecilia Bjursell from Encell spoke about University of the Third Age, Ann-Kristin Boström discussed a study concerning quality of life and well-being among the first welfare generation in Sweden, and Joel Hedegaard presented his and Helene Ahl’s study about women whose husbands visit a Men's Shed.

Magnus Schoultz from Örebro University, Malgosia Malec Rawinski from Stockholm University and Patrik Standar from Linnaeus University were also in attendance to present their research.

Ann-Kristin Boström, Encell, presented “Quality of Life and Well-being—A Historical Perspective of the Theoretical Concepts and the Experiences from the First Welfare Generation in Sweden.”

Cecilia Bjursell, Encell, presented “New Challenges Late in Life – Advanced Studies for Pensioners.”

Joel Hedegaard, Encell, presented “Catching Glimpses of Youth: Women's Experiences of Their Husbands Visiting Men's Sheds.” Although there were technical difficulties during Joel’s presentation, the content was so interesting that we chose to post the recording anyway.