ELOA Recorded Presentations

Encell researchers’ presentations from the October 2018 Education and Learning of Older Adults (ELOA) conference are available to view below.

A total of eight people from Sweden were at the ELOA conference, October 11-13, 2018. Cecilia Bjursell from Encell spoke about University of the Third Age, Ann-Kristin Boström discussed a study concerning quality of life and well-being among the first welfare generation in Sweden, and Joel Hedegaard presented his and Helene Ahl’s study about women whose husbands visit a Men's Shed.

Magnus Schoultz from Örebro University, Malgosia Malec Rawinski from Stockholm University and Patrik Standar from Linnaeus University were also in attendance to present their research.

Ann-Kristin Boström, Encell, presented “Quality of Life and Well-being—A Historical Perspective of the Theoretical Concepts and the Experiences from the First Welfare Generation in Sweden.”

Cecilia Bjursell, Encell, presented “New Challenges Late in Life – Advanced Studies for Pensioners.”

Joel Hedegaard, Encell, presented “Catching Glimpses of Youth: Women's Experiences of Their Husbands Visiting Men's Sheds.” Although there were technical difficulties during Joel’s presentation, the content was so interesting that we chose to post the recording anyway.

Content updated 2018-12-18