Ny bok från Roland S Persson - översätts till flera språk

I dagarna kommer en monografi från professor Roland S Persson på Encell, ”Evolved human giftedness: reclaiming science from ideology, dogmatism and self-serving bias”. Boken kommer att översättas till flera språk, bland annat arabiska.

Boken ”Evolved human giftedness: reclaiming science from ideology, dogmatism and self-serving bias” presenteras i Paris första veckan i juli.

Persson intresserar sig i sin forskning bland annat för högpresterande personer och Talent management, här finns en tidigare intervju med honom kring det.

Från bokomslaget:
Has the scientific understanding and practice of giftedness and talent developed by leaps and bounds over the last few decades? Do we now know how to easily and accurately identify these individuals in education and later in life also at work? The answer to these questions are most likely no. It is as if scholars are researching more and more about less and less ending up studying everything about nothing. The explanation for this unfortunate state of affairs is easy to understand but surprisingly difficult to remedy. Both scholarship and practice, for a variety of reasons, have failed to understand, often even ignored, the basic evolutionary algorithms dictating the boundaries of human existence. Humans are dogmatic, biased, collective, and prone to illusion by design. Much scholarship is therefore often dubious at best and is in dire need of re-evaluation. Considering how the world is developing, gifted education risks becoming obsolete. This book provides a multidisciplinary overview of where we currently are in human history. It proposes that gifted individuals as publicly celebrated heroes providing hope for a troubled world is, in fact, part of the evolutionary ruse designed to help us maintain a positive state of mind. Both scholarship and practice tend to reinforce this illusion. Illusions are, however, never objectively true. while good intentions are commendable our understanding of why we pursue them is flawed.