In the health and welfare field, co-production and co-design form a rapidly growing research and development area. Through Jönköping Academy’s local, national and international contacts, as well as through partnerships with practice, said area offers major potential.

The Centre for Co-production sprang from the idea of developing this potential. Planning of an appropriate structure started in 2017 and resulted in the centre being within the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping Academy (JA).

In modern western society, it often seems that many “issues” are regarded as “individual projects”. We saw the need for a different approach. By creating a centre of expertise and research in partnership with several societal agencies, we felt we could create an infrastructure that would enhance knowledge. Focused on co-production, it would also expand capacity for a long-term collaboration between practice and JA. The development bodies in Region Jönköpings län (RJL) shared this vision. RJL is our regional government organisation. Along with strategic investment from Jönköping University (JU), this shared vision created the right conditions for forming the Centre for Co-production.

A partnership between JU, RJL, the county’s municipalities, Bräcke diakoni and Origo Resurs became the base for the continued development of the Centre for Co-production. Bräcke diakoni is a Christian organisation for social welfare work and Origo Resurs is a non-profit, holistic rehabilitation resource. Through a knowledge-based, co-production approach, the centre aims to strengthen not only research and education, but also innovation in services and products. The centre increases the attractiveness of JU and RJL as a home for innovative research, education and development (service and product) with a health and welfare orientation.