The activities within Jönköping Academy aim to support and contribute to health and welfare by showing and getting knowledge about improvement work and leadership into good use in practice. We offer research and education in collaboration with other universities and with the health and social care sectors. Our primary target group are decision makers and colleagues within health and social care.

In the agreement signed by the Jönköping University, the County Council of Jönköping and the thirteen municipalities within the county says that a long term collaboration regarding research and education will increase our ability to improve. The overall aim is to contribute to an innovative and improved health and social care.

The Jönköping Academy is run by a team with a manager, researchers, communication support, administration support and finance support. A steering group is responsible for the general long term commitment and task. A management team prepares propositions to the steering group and is also responsible for developing a strategic plan. Projects are organised in a so called project filing system, where every project has its' own organisation with support from the Jönköping Academy staff.

The financial arrangement is based on a joint agreement with commitment from every partner, applications and funding and incomes from external activities.