The first issue of Volume 14 (2017) of the Journal of Media Business Studies is now available online.

It is a Special Issue on “News Media Development and Sustainability in Africa”, following a conference at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 2015 on the same topic, which was co-sponsored by the European Media Management Association (emma). This issue contains the following articles:

Editorial: Guest editors’ introduction to the special issue on news media development and sustainability in Africa

Authors: Cinzia Dal Zotto & Johanna Mavhungu

Article: Developing sustainable news media in Africa: a professionalisation model to curtail “the brown envelope” and other corrupting influences

Authors: Peter J. Gade, Emmanuel-Lugard Nduka & Shugofa Dastgeer

Article: Media development, DAC, and China: different approaches, same public diplomacy

Author: Valerie A. Cooper

Article: The need and the opportunities for sustainability – The case of local radio stations in Tanzania

Authors: Christoph Spurk & Filip Dingerkus

Article: The dilemma of building campus radio stations on a business model: the case of ATL FM in Ghana

Author: Michael Yao Wodui Serwornoo

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