Within SPARK, research and education is carried out in five thematic areas. Each area represents different needs that have to be met to make today’s industrial operations more knowledge intensive.

Integrated development of products and production

Quick and efficient introductions of new and unique products will be the hallmarks of tomorrow’s manufacturing companies. Knowledge and methods for integrating the development of products and production systems are necessary for increasing both the speed with which new technology is introduced and the ability to manage costs, change and complexity.

  • Butterfly Effect
  • ChromeSurf
  • Leaner Tools
  • MAP4Light
  • Nästa generations drivlineproduktion
  • Professor byggproduktionsledning
  • ProWood+

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Renewal and organising for sustainable innovation

In rapidly changing business environments, sustainable innovation is becoming ever more important. Sustainable innovation depends on the ability to reorganise and think innovatively in order not only to exploit knowledge and available resources, but also to work with change and renewal.


  • Innovation Runway
  • Nästa generations drivlineproduktion
  • Ownership transition
  • ReActs

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Responsive and efficient operations and supply chains

Balancing responsiveness and efficiency is central to any company’s competitiveness. A knowledge intensive approach to product realisation gives a competitive edge through seeing processes and the entire supply chain as an agile flow.


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Advanced and optimised components, materials and manufacturing

Manufacturing industries worldwide are facing increased demands for high-quality, added-value and environment-friendly solutions. These demands can be met by joint, high-quality research focused on developing: new materials; smart and efficient production processes; and, optimal design.


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Digitalisation for smart products and services

Through technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, digitisation offers immense possibilities. However, it is also a challenge that, both horizontally and vertically, affects many dimensions in a company.


  • Building Knowledge
  • Butterfly Effect
  • INSiDR
  • Utvärdering av transparent artificiell intelligens

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