Avslutade Projekt

ChaSE - Challenge fluctuating and conflicting requirements by Set-based Engineering

OSTAG - Ontology-based Software Test cAse Generation

InDeGrainS - Inoculation-Deoxidation of stainless steel for Grain Size control

InPot - Innovation Potential in managing day-to-day operations and control

ODISSEE - Optimal Design using Integrated Simulation baSed EnginEering


Impact - Efficient implementation and management of systems for design and manufacture of custom engineered productsöppnas i nytt fönster

PRODHÖG - Competitive production in a high-cost environment

CastMa - Joining of cast and extruded light weight alloys

INDUS - Efficient industrialisation supporting successful production ramp-up in supply chains

Pro Foundry Technology - Strategic recruitment of Professor in Foundry Technology

CompCAST - High performing Components by CASTing – development of products, process and materials

CastDesign - Beyond conventional product development of Castings properties predictions for efficient Design

SPOFIC II - Shrinkage POrosity Formation In Compacted graphite iron, part II

Reshoring I - Generic method for the evaluation of reshoring decisionslänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

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