Knowledge intensive product realization


All research and educational projects within SPARK has a clear connection to knowledge intensive product realization. The projects cover a broad spectrum of areas, such as logistics, IT, foundry technology and orthopaedic technology. Below you can see all ongoing projects.

The Whispering Game - Fact based communication to support responsiveness in supply chainsopens in new window

InnOvate - Conditions for innovation capabilities in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (in Swedish)

Barriers and drivers for a digitally driven industry developmentopens in new window

ALigHT- ALloy development for high Temperature applications using the high entropy conceptopens in new window

AusCGI - Tribological and mechanical performance of austempered compacted graphite ironopens in new window

FliPP - Flexible modules for enhanced customer adaption and continuous technoloy evolutionopens in new window

ReOptic - Research in geometry OPTImization of Cast components for weight efficient structuresexternal link, opens in new window

PolyComp - Professor of Polymers and Polymer Compositesopens in new window

NGFS - New generation of foundry sandsopens in new window

Foundry Master 3.0opens in new window

E-Minds - Electrochemical processing methodologies and corrosion protection for device and systems miniaturization (COST action MP1407)external link, opens in new window

HINT - High INtegrity cast components in Al-Si alloysopens in new window

IKT/BIM - BIM supported evidence-based product development process of lit environmentsopens in new window

Adding II - Development of next generation tools through additive manufacturing, step 2opens in new window

MACS - Development of MMC for high performance aluminium componentsopens in new window

PROCETS - PROtective composite Coatings via Electrodeposition and Thermal Sprayingexternal link, opens in new window

Reshoring I - Generic method for the evaluation of reshoring decisionsopens in new window

Reshoring II - Offshoring in reverse in Swedish industryopens in new window

DISTINCT - Design methods for customized products when introducing additive and cyclic manufacturingopens in new window

ProAct - Platform models for agile product development - building an ability to adaptopens in new window

PEOPLE - Prevention of pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury by optimization of body tight external supportsopens in new window

PdEAM - Product driven Enterprise Architecture Managementopens in new window

ProWOOD+ - Industrial graduate school ProWOOD - Industrial product realisation for a proactive wood industry (in Swedish)opens in new window

Datamine - Data-driven technologies for marketing, information, news and enterprises

Leaner Tools

MASTech - Masters in Assistive Technology

FunDisCo - Functional disperion coatings

ODISSEE 2 - Optimal Design using Integrated Simulation baSed enginEEring Part 2

TopCut - Topology Optimization using Cut Finite Elements and its Applications

ChromeSURF - Kromytor, estetiska, hållbara och hälsosamma ytor

Extreme - Development and industrialization of high performing aluminium components in extreme environments 

mcBEEs - Advanced integrative solutions to corrosion problems beyond micro–scale: towards long-term durability of miniaturized Biomedical, Electronic and Energy systems

Production of the next generation powertrains in Sweden

Barriers and drivers for a digitally driven industry development

Desire - Design for responsive supply chains

PREMIUM - Expert competence in knowledge intensive and innovative product development

COPE - COre Plant Excellence

KOPability - Capacity dimensioning for planning and control capabilities

CompCAST Plus - High performing components by casting - Development of products, process and materials

ToolAddict - Enabling tools by additive manufacturing as a competitive technology

VastIron - Volume change analyses at solidification of cast iron

FullCorr - Full-field strain analysis on nano- and micro-scale using digital image Correlation

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