Knowledge intensive product realization


We want to make sure that all our projects are high-quality and deliver valuable results. For this reason, we have developed a process called SPARK EKG.

SPARK EKG is our process for measuring and ensuring consensus and co-production between SPARK projects and their industrial partners. It is also a tool for identifying success factors at the end of each project by asking the companies why they think the project was valuable and how it has influenced them.

SPARK EKG is carried out through interviews with both companies and project leaders in four different phases of the projects. This process secures a continuous communication with the industrial partners during the whole project as well as the possibility to adjust activities if needed.

By the end of each project, the input from all four phases is compiled in a report describing how well the project has performed in terms of co-production and impact.

Content updated 2018-06-05

Content updated 2018-06-05

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