Knowledge intensive product realization

Thematic areas

SPARK creates knowledge and competence that supports the development towards a more knowledge-intensive industry. We have identified five important thematic areas for our research and education, which represent different needs within the industry.

Advanced and optimized components, materials and manufacturing

Manufacturing industries across the globe are facing increasing demands for high quality, added value and environmental considerations. These demands can be met by advanced research and co-production focused on the development of new materials, smart and efficient production processes and optimized designs.

Integrated development of products and production

A rapid and efficient supply of novel and unique products on the market will be a distinguishing feature of tomorrow’s successful companies. Knowledge and means to integrate the development of products and production are required to enable a swift introduction of new technology and an improved ability to master cost, change and complexity.

Renewal and organizing for sustainable innovation

In a rapidly changing business environment, sustainable innovation is increasingly important. Such innovation entails reproduction of environmental, social and economic resources. Essential for sustainable innovation is the ability to reorganize and rethink to better utilize knowledge, knowhow and available resources, and the ability to work with change and renewal.

Digitalization for smart products and services

Digitalization is a great opportunity, but the digital transformation challenges the traditional enterprise. Data driven opportunities emerge from technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Digitalization and digital transformation is not a project, it is rather an enterprise level construct, which affects several dimensions of enterprises both horizontally and vertically.

Responsive and efficient operations and supply chains

Balancing responsiveness and efficiency is at the core of being competitive. A knowledge intensive approach to product realization provides a competitive edge by applying an agile flow perspective on operations as well as on the whole supply chain of manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, retailing etc.

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