Knowledge intensive product realization

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Co-production with industrial partners and other actors in the surrounding society is key to our research and educational activities. Collaboration with SPARK may take different forms - research collaborations, student projects and final theses are some examples.

Engage in research projects

SPARK includes research within several different areas, such as logistics, IT, foundry technology and orthopaedic technology. In each project, our researchers work closely together with a number of external partners. The research content and scope is based on the needs of the companies (or other organizations) involved in the project.

We are always interested in finding new and fruitful collaborations within the area of knowledge intensive product realization. If you are interested in developing new knowledge and competence together with us, you are welcome to contact Mats Jacksonexternal link, opens in new window.

Work with our students

SPARK is not only about research, but also about developing the competence that Swedish manufacturing companies need to be successful in the future. This entails two things to us: co-development of new educational programmes with industry and collaboration between companies and our students on different levels.

There are several ways to work together with students at Jönköping University. Through internships, student projects and final theses, companies have the opportunity to connect with our students and find future employees. The students can contribute with fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge, while practicing their skills in real-life cases.

If you are interested in collaborating with students within the area of knowledge intensive product realization, you are welcome to contact Mats Jacksonexternal link, opens in new window.

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