Digital Education

Jönköping University provides different options to organise digital education. Find the option that suits your arrangement the best. 

At the moment, we are conducting education for teaching staff at Jönköping University, to aid in transitioning to more digital education.

You can participate in webinars about the preferred recording and livestreaming programmes, and also ask questions in the teams group. Please find more information about each programme in the guides below. The webinars will be recorded and later posted on this page.

We recommend that you make a recording rather than a livestream. This is because internet speed, equipment and other technicalities may vary for each student. Therefore, students will have an easier time watching a recording than a livestream. 


Record a PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint. 

For Mac-users:

Kaltura - JU Play

Record the screen, a powerpoint presentation, your web camera or audio at JU Play via play.ju.seexternal link, opens in new window using Kaltura Capture.


You can also use Zoom to do a prerecording. Learn more about Zoom at the next headline, "Livestream lectures and seminars"


Zoom is a tool for online meetings. It can be used for group work, tutoring, video meetings or lectures. In Zoom you can send video and audio, share your screen, create breakout rooms for group work and record the meeting room. 

Lately, there has been an increase of so called “Zoom bombings”. It is when uninvited participants join a Zoom meeting, sabotaging the meeting, lecture or examination in progress.


Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with Office 365.

Upload recordings to JU Play

To share your recordings in PingPong and Canvas, please upload the videos at play.ju.seexternal link, opens in new window. Afterwards you can post the link to the video in PingPong and Canvas. 

JU Play is ”locked” so that recordings cannot be downloaded; recordings can only be streamed via the link. A tip to further limit access is to embed the content in Canvas/PingPong. By doing so, only participants with access to the course in Canvas/PingPong can view the recording.

  • Ga442
  • Ga334
  • Ga934
  • Kurt Johansson Aula

Lecture rooms with camera

  • E1017
  • E1022
  • E1028
  • E1029 – Stora Enso
  • E1105
  • E1405 – Gjuterisalen
  • E1418
  • E1419
  • E1423
  • E2326
  • E4304
  • E4404

 Conference rooms with camera

  • E4106 - DaVinci
  • Hb221
  • HC216
  • HC217

Conference rooms with camera

  • B4044
  • A4221
  • B4069
  • B4019
  • B5002
  • B5019
  • B5085
  • B6050
  • B6046
  • B7030
  • B3008 - The recording studio


Lecture rooms and halls with camera

  • B4066
  • B4065
  • B4051
  • B4050
  • B4043
  • B3051
  • B3052
  • B3053
  • B2044
  • B2011
  • B1033
  • B1024
  • B1014

Content updated 2020-10-12