Welcome to Digital Education. On this page you find pedagogical tips for online education and information about available digital tools.

Digital education is a fairly broad concept, and the starting point for these pages is that it also encompasses various aspects of blended education. Blended education typically combines both online and face-to-face activities. Here we also include purely online courses under the broader umbrella of digital education.

In online and blended education, teachers and students interact little or not at all physically. How to create engagement is an important theme for the online and blended format and for this guide. Although primarily developed with online and blended education in mind, you will find that many of the tips are applicable for the campus setting as well.

Use this guide as a first step and as inspiration. Try things out to find out what works best in your course. Consider the tips in view of your current resources (e.g. course budget), type of course and student group.

The guide is divided into three main sections.

Webinars and training sessions

About these pages

Digital Education was updated in autumn 2020 with

  • A guide with pedagogical tips for online and blended education
  • Webinars and training sessions, with registration for training sessions in Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Inspera and upcoming pedagogical seminars at JU.

The updates have been made by the project group for 'Temporary pedagogical support for digitalisation External link, opens in new window.'. The project group consists of members from all schools, JUE, University Services and student representation.

The content on these pages has been created based on the shared experiences of the project group members and the following publications are some of the sources that have acted as inspiration.