Environmental Certification

Jönköping International Business School has been environmentally certified by Jönköping's Municipality since June 2018. This means that Jönköping International Business School works in an active and structured way with environmental issues. 

Jönköping International Business School itself applied for environmental certfication from Jönköping's Municipality. To be certified, a company has to meet certain criteria, which is reviewed annually. Jönköping International Business School continues to strive toward excellence in this area and being Responsible in Action

JIBS environmental work in regards to operations, is coordinated by Philippa Berglund, JIBS Environmental Coordinator. Working together with the JIBS Operations Manager and Leadership Team, as well as other Jönköping University Environmental Coordinators, the Environmental Coordinator aims to ensure that all relevant environmental legislation is complied with and business practices are in line with environmental policies. The JIBS’ Champion for Responsibility in Action works together with the Associate Dean of Education and the JIBS Pedagogical Champion to address issues related to education and research.

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