Student-focused collaborations

To ensure that JIBS’ study programmes mirror the needs and realities of
working life, we engage in multiple forms of collaboration with
companies as well as public and/or third sector organizations.

One significant example is our host company programme, which is tied to our two largest undergraduate programmes. In 1994, JIBS was the first business school in Sweden to work with host companies. The idea of the host company is that students meet with the same company several times during their first two years of study to solve course projects.

Another example of collaboration is the course: Advanced International Marketing, Trade, and Export Management. JIBS students work directly with Swedish companies on a project to assess how products can be marketed on various international markets. This form of collaboration has a clear impact on both students and companies. 

Yet another type of collaboration is the involvement of business representatives as guest lecturers and/or presenters of a live case, which all students in a particular course are asked to elaborate. Many thesis and degree projects are also prepared with input from companies or public organizations.

Finally, as many JIBS students can choose to do an internship as part of their studies, we are always interested in getting in touch with companies and organizations that are looking for students to join them temporarily for a qualified internship position.

If you are interested in connecting with JIBS students and take part in our education, please contact:

Annika Lundqvist


Content updated 2020-03-20

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