Jönköping University works in different ways to reduce its impact on the environment. 

Environmental certification

 Jönköping's Municipality awards companies environmental certification. The companies themselves register interest in becoming certified by participating in the Agenda 21 program work of the municipality or with environmental consultants Miljöstrategen. 

To become certified, a company must meet several criteria with regards to, for example, their premises, use of chemicals, office space, purchasing, source separated recycling, packaging and transport. 

The following companies at Jönköping University are currently environmentally certified: 

Climate Council

The Climate Council for Jönköping County was formed in 2011 and aims to be a coordinating and motivating force in the county's work to realise the vision of being an 'energy-plus county' by 2050. Jönköping University is a participant in the work of the Climate Council, together with the county's municipalities, regional authorities and a large number of companies and non-profit organizations.