University Services

The mission of University Services is to be a service body for Jönköping University within the areas needed to run university activities to an international and high scientific level.


The mission of University Services is to offer and provide necessary and value-creating services in a professional manner for the university's students, employees, management and external stakeholders.

Key elements of the mission are as follows:    

  • Develop and implement a consistent and common approach for the whole of Jönköping University.
  • Ensure that the support activities are resource-efficient.
  • Develop and introduce equivalent service levels across the company boundaries and within every target group.
  • Present proposals for decisions about general university guidelines and ensure they are followed.


University Services consists of eight departments, one interim department, Grants Office and Management Office.

Managing Director

Since February 2014, Helena Zar Wallin is Managing Director of University Services. Helena Zar Wallin joined University Services from Skogsstyrelsen where she has been head of the administrative department since 2005, and in recent years also deputy director general. She has also held senior positions at Jordbruksverket.

As Managing Director of University Services Helena Zar Wallin is responsible for Jönköping University’s support services.

"Jönköping University is a major player locally with great national and international visions, contributing to give young people a good start in life through education. I hope that I, with my experience, will help University Services in giving great support to the university's core business and being a valued partner."

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