The Indian Ambassador visited Jönköping University

The Indian Ambassador, Mrs Banashri Bose Harrison, visited Jönköping University to meet with the university management and the university's Indian students. Read more

The Indian Ambassador, Mrs Banashri Bose Harrison, visited Jönköping University on 11 October. The University has been very successful in recruiting international students and has over 60 Indian students enrolled.
During the visit the Ambassador met with several of the university's Indian students and also with the university management.

- Sweden and Jönköping University offers excellent opportunities for education and I am glad that the university is positive to develop the contacts with India even further and to welcome even more Indian students, says ambassador Banashri Bose Harrison.

Jönköping University is one of the universities in Sweden that has done best when it comes to recruiting international students from outside of EU/EES. The number of new students at Jönköping University has increased with over 50 per cent since last year, and the corresponding figure for the whole country is five per cent.

- Jönköping University's ambition is to become a truly international university which attracts inventive and enterprising people from all around the world. In student recruitment, India is one of our focus areas, says Anita Hansbo, President Jönköping University.

In the picture: Johan Roos, Dean Jönköping International Business School, Anita Hansbo, President Jönköping University, Banashri Bose Harrison, Ambassador India, and Syed Naqvi, Jönköping University International Department.