The CCD seminar series consists of four different strands:

1. The CCD international seminars (always in English). The theme for the spring 2022 seminars is Rethinking concepts/conceptual ideas (of relevance for communication, culture and diversity). We will have three overarching themes for the international seminars – one theme per semester. The other two are Non-programmatic methodologies (of relevance for communication, culture and diversity), which runs in autumn 2022, and, running in spring 2023, Southern, Decolonial, Alternative Perspectives (of relevance to at least one of the following: identity, communication, learning, doing research).

2. The CCD working papers seminars (in English or Swedish).

3. The PraSK seminars (Practices, Skills, and Knowledge, always in English).

4. The DoIT seminars (DoIT - Delaktighet och Inkludering Tankesmedja [the Participation and Inclusion Think Tank], most often in Swedish).

Please note that all times are CET (Central European Time) or, in 2022 between March 27 and October 30, CEST (Central European Summer Time).


Spring 2022

Jan 28, 10 a.m.-12 noon

CCD international seminar series

Tsitsi Chataika, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Zimbabwe

Feb 17, 1-3 p.m.

CCD Working Papers/Internal seminar series

Title: Short Presentations and Invitation to Dialogue

This internal seminar series event is aimed at all CCD members – new and old – to come and talk about research interests and listen to what other members are doing. The event will be both in English and in Swedish.

Feb 25, 2 -4 p.m.

PraSK Seminar series

Ted Schatzki, Department of Philosophy, University of Kentucky

Title: The Trajectories of a Life

This presentation combines a phenomenological account of life trajectories with a practice theory approach to the social contexts in which life trajectories occur to illuminate key features of the phenomena studied by life course research. The discussion construes life trajectories, not as the events and transitions that make up the progress of life in specific life domains, but as central dimensions of a life qua continually unfolding entity. It subjects three types of trajectories so construed to analysis: space-time paths, successions of actions, and past-future arcs. It then explores the contextualization of such trajectories in constellations of social practices. The presentation concludes by situating life and its trajectories in the causal order of society and reflecting on the advantages of using theories of practices in this context.


Mar 25 (10 a.m.-12 noon)

CCD international seminar series

Anamik Saha, Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London


Mar 31, 1-3 p.m.

CCD Working Papers/Internal seminar series

1-2 p.m. Karin Ingeson, HLK


April 27-29, 2022


The 2022 GoPar Conference

Going beyond binary thinking: Dialogues for participation, communication and equity in contemporary societies

Between 27-29 April 2022 Jönköping University in Sweden will host the GoPar conference, an international event that aims to bring together academics and professional actors across sectors from across the world and Sweden to dialogue on issues of participation, communication and equity in contemporary societies. The Communication, Culture and Diversity (CCD) research environment ( and the Participation and Inclusion Think-Tank DoIT ( are the organizers of the GoPar conference. The event will take place online, and will consist of workshops, panel discussions and keynote presentations.

More information can be found here: GoPar Conference website


May 5, 1-3 p.m.

CCD Working Papers/Internal seminar series

1-2 p.m. Stina-Karin Skillermark, HLK


May 20, 1-3 p.m. 

CCD international Seminar series

Peter De Costa, Department of Linguistics, Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, Michigan State University (MSU)


Autumn 2022: Save the dates

Information will be added.

CCD International Seminar series

Theme for the CCD international autumn seminars 2022: Non-programmatic methodologies (of relevance for communication, culture and diversity).


CCD Working Papers/Internal Seminar series

PraSK Seminar series



DoIT Seminar series