The CCD seminar series consists of four different strands:

1. The CCD international seminars (always in English). The theme for the autumn 2021 seminars is  Southern, Decolonial, Alternative Perspectives (of relevance to at least one of the following: identity, communication, learning, doing research). We will have three overarching themes for the international seminars – one theme per semester. The other two are Rethinking concepts/conceptual ideas (of relevance for communication, culture and diversity), which runs in spring 2022 and Non-programmatic methodologies (of relevance for communication, culture and diversity), running the next time in autumn 2022.

2. The CCD working papers/internal seminars (in English or Swedish).

3. The PraSK seminars (Practices, Skills, and Knowledge, always in English).

4. The DoIT seminars (DoIT - Delaktighet och Inkludering Tankesmedja [the Participation and Inclusion Think Tank], most often in Swedish).

Please note that all times are CET (Central European Time) or, in 2021 between March 28 and October 31, CEST (Central European Summer Time).