Welcome to the department of Materials and Manufacturing. We provide both education and research within the field of materials and manufacturing.


Professor Peter Leisner (head of department)

The department has about 40 members: six professors, three associate professors and senior lecturers, and several Ph.D. students, laboratory and development engineers. A management team has
the task to organize the work and foster the good
work of the department members and support the educational and research development.


The department is responsible for several courses within materials and manufacturing, which are given at undergraduate and master’s level as well as in doctoral programmes.

We have currently developed an online one-year master programme within the area of foundry technology: "Foundry Master Program"

Several courses are also given in the following programmes:


The research within our department is multidisciplinary and may study anything from product development to materials development. Special focus is put on component characteristics and their relation to the manufacturing process.

The research has support in disciplines as flow dynamics, engineering mechanics, mechanics of materials, materials science and engineering, materials physics and chemistry, as well as simulation and optimization.

Parts of our research concern the product development chain. This research mainly studies the interface between design and manufacturing/use, and focuses especially on component characteristics.

The aim of the department’s research activities is to carry out fundamental research to solve challenges related to materials in advanced cast components and to the manufacturing processes of these components, in close cooperation with national and international industries and research institutes. You can read more about our research here.