Seminar: Challenges of the GDPR and data processing in the era of artificial intelligence

12 Februari 2019

16:00 - 18:00

B3052, Jönköpings International Business School

12 februari 2019
16:00 - 18:00


B3052, Jönköpings International Business School

Seminar: Challenges of the GDPR and data processing in the era of artificial intelligence

Although artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have been the subject of science fiction for some time, that fictional future is now a present reality: from SIRI to self-driving cars and home speakers, AI is progressing rapidly, and the interaction with human is increasing, especially in the digital environment. We are moving closer to a unified Internet of Things (IoT), and, inevitably, alongside the opportunities, there are a number of challenges arising in the sector, from the allocation of damage liability, to crucial issues arising in the field of data processing.


Lecturer is Lavinia Vizzoni (PhD in private law). The seminar will be held in English.


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The recent entry to force of the EU Reg. 697/16, GDPR takes significant steps forward in the achievement of a unified protection of personal data in the European framework, but, at the same time, it raises a series of crucial challenges. The GDPR is inspired by some key principles which deserves to be identified, like accountability, data protection by default, data protection by design, and it imposes new obligations on the subjects in some way involved in the processing of data. The Regulation represents therefore a major innovation for both citizens and companies, requiring the adoption of new patterns in the light of compliance. A specific focus needs then to be addressed to Artificial Intelligence technologies, whose market and investments are more and more predicted to implement. The regulation of AI’s activities is at the forefront of legal studies, although the solutions offered by the GDPR do not always seem suitable to give efficient answers to the difficulties raised by automated devices.


Biography Lavinia Vizzoni
Lavinia Vizzoni holds a PhD in private law, and is a Postdoc Research Grant Holder at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She is also an yearly Adjunct Professor of Private Law (summer course) at the same University. Her research focus on Bank Guarantees, Consumer Law, Data Protection and New Technologies. She is author of scientific publications on the main national legal journals and has given several lectures in national and international conferences. She is also a lawyer and works mainly as business counselor.


Target audience
SME owners-managers, Privacy officers, Project managers, Business development managers, Data protection officers, CEOs, IT and Compliance officers.


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