The Swedish Knowledge Foundation

The Swedish Knowledge Foundation is the research financier for universities with the mission to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

The Knowledge Foundation finances research and competence development at Sweden’s new universities.

The aim of the foundation is to help the universities build internationally competitive research environments, work long-term on strategic profiling and increase the cooperation between academia, industry and institutes. The programmes of the foundation therefore are characterized by a long-range view and requirements for co-production with industry.

You can read more about the Swedish Knowledge Foundation on their websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

KK environments

SPARK is a KK environment. This is the most comprehensive among the programmes for research and competence development offered by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation. 

The aim of the programme is to develop research profiled and co-producing universities. Co-production with industry is an important cornerstone for the programme, since it has proved to result in new knowledge and competence, new products, methods and processes, as well as more efficient operations.

The research that is carried out within a KK environment must have a certain focus – a research profile – and the goal is to create an internationally competitive research environment within this profile.

Since earlier the following three universities take part in the programme: the University of Skövde, Halmstad University and Mid Sweden University.

You can read more about KK environments (in Swedish) on the Swedish Knowledge Foundation’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

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