Online schedule Day 2

The schedule is preliminary and may be subject to change. The structure follows a traditional single session conference format, but in the shape of an online meeting. The content of the boxes marked with --- will be revealed when the conference begins. See Scientific programme for the presentations in each Session.

Note that there are no fixed times set, as all the presentations are made available at the same time, and each participant may watch the presentations at the time of their choice, in their own pace and time zone. As there is a lot of scientific content in each Session, you can expect that the programme will consume significant time. We do not facilitate any live presentations as part of the meeting.


Keynote: Patricio Mendez

Reduced order models for welding and solidification processes

Session D


Session E

Poster session 3


Keynote: Jesper Thorborg

The virtual core - modelling and optimization of core manufacturing and application

Session F

Poster session 4



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