Contributed papers will attempt to cover specific problems in the same areas. The topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Solidification processing of metallic alloys (steel, cast iron, Al-, Cu- and other nonferrous alloys), non-metallic materials and composites.
  • Shape casting (sand casting, HPD casting, thixocasting, rheocasting, lost foam, ...), continuous casting.
  • Welding, soldering.
  • Processing/structure/property relations.
  • Through-process modelling.
  • Numerical techniques for solidification modeling (FEM, FVM, DEM, LB, …)
  • Nucleation, grain refinement and inoculation techniques.
  • Microstructure evolution, columnar-to-equiaxed transition and globular-to-dendritic transition.
  • Formation of eutectics, peritectics and intermetallics. Modification.
  • In-situ observations of solidification phenomena and comparison with predictions.
  • Micro- and macrosegregation.
  • High temperature/mushy zone properties. Rheology.
  • Thermodynamics of solidification.
  • Stress and deformation, hot tearing, macro-shrinkage and porosity.
  • Novel process techniques, e.g. Additive Manufacturing.
  • Treatment after casting (e.g. heat treatment, machining, shot peening).
  • Mold and core materials (e.g. thermal conductivity, specific heat, density, mechanical properties).

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