With our sponsorship, we want to support local organizations and contribute to regional development while spreading knowledge about Jönköping University.

During the period 2020–2022, all employees at Jönköping university will have the opportunity to nominate an association they would like to sponsor. By doing this, we hope to create a broader social engagement from JU through new collaborations with sports and cultural organizations. Each employee can nominate an association, group or team once during the sponsorship period.

We sponsor:

  • Only eligible associations in Jönköping County
  • Local associations with defined children's and youth activities
  • Local associations with a focus on culture and the environment

We do not sponsor:

  • Individuals
  • Political or religious organizations
  • Activities that may be perceived as unethical or harm our environment, for example, an association, group or company whose values ​​are associated with discrimination or racism.
  • Organizations that focus solely on charity, as this is not classed as sponsorship.

Our sponsorship work is based on sponsorship agreements and activities that require reciprocal services in the form of an active marketing efforts.

Our sponsorship is in line with JU’s strategies:

  • We co-create knowledge and innovate with society
  • We collaborate across borders
  • We promote lifelong learning in a diverse and entrepreneurial environment
  • We research and educate with commitment
  • We contribute to a sustainable future

If you have any questions about our sponsorship, you are welcome to contact us at sponsring@ju.se.