For security reasons, rules that automatically forward e-mails to external addresses will no longer be allowed, starting 1 October 2020.

This restriction will affect all staff. Exemptions may be granted by the Head of IT, if there are clear work reasons, in consultation with the Operations Manager at the school in question, or head of department at HS.

Manually forwarding e-mails will not be affected by the new restrictions.

The reason behind this is that Microsoft sees automatic forwarding of e-mails as a major security threat and are therefore shutting down the option of having this as a setting in Outlook via Office365. Incidents where automatic forwarding is used for fraud or to obtain sensitive/secret information are becoming increasingly common and in 2020 such incidents have also occurred in some cases at JU.

Don't you know if you have any forwarding rules? Read Microsoft's guide about how to find and handle your rules External link, opens in new window.