Keep your account safe

Right now there are many digital threats and it is extra important to have control over your account and password.

During the past week, Sweden has been exposed to an increased number of cyber attacks against various social functions. Hospitals, media sites, universities, airports and train companies are some of the big targets. The attacks have consisted of so-called overload attacks against websites.

Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for the attacks mentioned above, but there are several experts who believe that it could be a Russian action in the background.

In addition to attacks on websites, there is also increased activity with phishing emails where the attacker tries to get hold of users' account details.

What can you do yourself?

Pay extra attention to senders in e-mails, links and attachments and requests to provide account information. If you need to change your JU password, you should always go to the address or use shortcuts on - never click on a link in an email you receive.

JU has also produced short e-training courses on IT and information security:

Secure handling of your JU account External link, opens in new window.

Email safety External link, opens in new window.

You can find all e-trainings at the page about information security on the Intranet


Sunet (the university's internet provider) has taken measures to limit international traffic when the attacks in several rounds targeted universities.

JU has not currently been exposed to any overload attack, but has taken measures to more quickly identify an increased load and distinguish trends in the traffic to our website.