EveryonePrint is a service which allows you to print documents from mobile devices or computers without installing any apps och software.

How do I print?

Send your document as an attachment to an email and send it to print@ju.se. The attached document will then be made available for printing, but please note that the email message itself will not be printed. You can only print documents sent from a Jönköping University-address, such as your student email ending with @student.ju.se or your staff email ending with @ju.se. 

When the email has been sent, go to an available printer and swipe your card to print the document as always. Please note that it may take a few minutes longer than normally for the printing system to process the emailed documents before they are available in the printers.

Which file formats are supported?

Pdf, html, htm, gif, png, jpg, tif, bmp, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx,ppt, pptx, rtf, odt, ods, odp

Which print formats are available?

All printouts will be in A4, double sided and black/white.

Content updated 2017-07-14

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