How do I check my printing balance?
Log on to Cirrato Self Service:  https://cirrato.hj.se/cirratoexternal link, opens in new window

I have forgotten my PayEx password, what should I do?
Go to PayEx webexternal link, opens in new window and create a new password. If you receive an error message, try another browser. Contact PayEx support if you keep having problems.

How do I delete an existing PayEx connection?
You must first delete your connection when logged in to PayExPDF. When done, reconnect you PayEx account to your JU account.external link, opens in new window

If you have not printed or topped up your PayEx in a long while, you may need to reconnect your accounts also.

Why can I no longer make printouts from my Mac?
If you have changed the password to your Jönköping University account recently an old password could be saved in the keychain. Open Keychain Access and check whick password is stored in the Jönköping University IPP FollowPrint entry. Update it if it is incorrect and then empty the printer queue and try again.

How do I print in color from a Mac?
Select print as normal, then select "Printer features" from the sub-menu (the name of the sub-menu changes in different applications - in Safari, it's called "Safari", in MS Word "Copies & Pages" etc.)

How long can I wait to get my printouts from the printer?
The documents are stored up to 48 hours in the system.

How do I pay for my printing/copying?
You can deposit money to your Payex account with Visa or Mastercard. Log on to https://wallit.payex.com/external link, opens in new window. If you are an international student PayEx requires a copy of your passport and your JU card before you can transfer or withdraw money from your PayEx account.

If this is not possible, you can also visit Arkitektkopia at Myntgatan 7 for printing.

Why doesn't the account balance shown on my account match my payments?
Maybe you have multiple Jönköping University accounts and/or multiple PayEx accounts. Only one account at a time can be used in the printing system.
1. If you know or suspect that you have multiple Jönköping University accounts, log in to Print Management self-service with each account and check which of them has a PayEx connection.
2. If you know or suspect that you have multiple PayEx accounts, go to PayEx registration and select Link PayEx account. When logged in, you see the registrered PayEx account and you can remove the registration. Then log in once again to register the PayEx account to which you have made payments, by entering the email address you use for logging in to PayEx.

Why can I not print even though I have money in my PayEx account?
Minimum balance is 5 SEK to be able to print. When you print the printer calculates a preliminary cost for your printout. If the preliminary cost is higher than you balance you can not print.

Can I use a foreign PayEx account?
Yes, but please note that the final price for your printout may differ from what is shown when you make it, due to exhange rates.

Can I print from a private computer connected to the university network?
Yes you can. Follow the instructions under Printing > Print from private computer.

Can I print from a computer connected to other network than the university network, such as from home?
It may work if you print from a Mac, or from a pc not connected via a router or mobile broadband.  
Staff who want to make printouts from a Jönköping University computer connected to another network are recommended to use the VPN Serviceopens in new window. When connected thru VPN, you normally do not have to make any other configuration.

Why is my document not printed even though I marked it on the printer display and pressed print?
You do not have enough money in your PayEx account. Your balance needs to be minimum 5 SEK.

Why so many FollowPrint queues to choose from when printing?
You can choose between four print queues depending on if you want to print black-white or color. PS and PCL are various standards that are suitable for different kinds of documents. FollowPrint-BlackWhite-PCL is set as Default printer on JU computers.

Why can't I see any PCL print queues, as before?
Software Package Windows 10 (2017) on JU-pc:s have only PS print queues preinstalled.

Can I fax from the printer?
Staff can send and receive fax on some printers and can also send fax (LAN fax) from all staff computers. 

How many documents can I print simultaneously?
Max 30 documents.

Content updated 2018-03-14

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