How it works

Note:  JU's printing system will be replaced by the end of 2018. Both machines and payment system will be changed in this process. More info

The information below is valid until the new system is released.

In Jönkoping University´s print and copy system you pay without using cash. Payments are made online, using PayEx.

You can print and copy documents on the same machine. You can also scan documents and send them as e-mail to yourself, directly from the machine.

The printers are preset for double-sided print on A4, and single-sided print on A3. Copying is preset for single-sided to double-sided copy.

NOTE! Make sure you have the right queue when you print. If you choose FollowPrint-Color you will be charged for color even if the document is black-white or you change printer properties.

"PayEx Konto" changed name to "PayEx Lärosäteskonto" on Sept 11, 2018.

Content updated 2018-11-05

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