New printing system: JU-Print

JU's printing system was replaced Nov 29-Dec 11 2018. Both machines and payment system were changed.

In the new system, prints can be made via JU computers, private computers, a web portal and e-mail. Students use PayPal to pay, with either a PayPal account or a credit card (but not with PayEx).

The new printers are named ”JU-Print...” in the computer.

To be able to use your JU Card to pick up printouts at the new printers you must (once) register the card in the system. Place your JU Card at the card reader at any of the new printers and then log in manually on the printer display. See also the Quick reference guide at the printers.

Printing from JU computers: Print to any of the printers named "JU-Print..."

Printing via the web portal: ju-print.ju.seexternal link, opens in new window (log in with your JU account)

Printing via e-mail:
(Works only when sent from your JU mail account. Attach the document you want to print.)

Quick reference guidePDF for printing/scanning/copying at the printers (this guide is also at the printers)

Payment (students): ju-print.ju.seexternal link, opens in new window (log in with your JU account)

Prices (students):
A4 b/w 0,18 SEK/side
A4 color 0,29 SEK/side
A3 b/w 0,36 SEK/side
A3 color 0,58 SEK/side

Printing from private computers, with software:
-WindowsPDF (guide in Swedish)
-MacPDF (guide in Swedish, updated 2019-01-14)

Printer locationsPDF

FAQPDF (in Swedish, updated 2019-01-21)

Content updated 2019-01-22


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