Printing prices

Note:  JU's printing system will be replaced by the end of 2018. Both machines and payment system will be changed in this process. More info

The information below is valid until the new system is released.

The minimum balance is 5 SEK to be able to print or copy.

Price for printing/copyingFrom 2013-01-01
Black-white single sided A40,50 SEK
Black-white two sided A40,90 SEK
Black-white single sided A31,00 SEK
Black-white two sided A31,90 SEK
Color single sided A42,00 SEK
Color two sided A43,90 SEK
Color single sided A35,00 SEK
Color two sided A39,90 SEK

Pay attention to which print queue you have selected. You will be charged for color even if the printout is black-white if you have selected a color print queue.

Content updated 2018-11-05

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