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Canvas becomes JU’s new learning platform and PingPong is phased out. See the news on the Student Web.

Staff will find information about Pingpong on the intranetexternal link, opens in new window and guides in the Help event in Pingpong.

Introduction to Pingpong for students (video)opens in new window

Pingpong as the online learning platform at Jönköping University

During the autumn semester 2020, no new courses will start in Pingpong. Canvas is now replacing Pingpong as the online learning platform. Read more about Canvas here.

Logging in to Pingpong

Use your Jönköping University-account and the corresponding password to login to Pingpong. You need to be connected at campus, or use VPN to be able to log in to Pingpong.

As a student, you can log into Pingpong until 2020-12-31. Before this date you may download your own material that you want to keep. See the guide for more informationPDF.

Your courses in Pingpong

​Through the menu Events-> My events you will find all the courses you have access to.

Pop-up settings

Several features in Pingpong, e.g. PIM, notepad and course password, are opened in separate windows, so called pop-up windows. Make sure that your browser allows pop-ups from

Pingpong Mobile

Pingpong is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

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