Software package Win10 (2017)

The new Software package Windows 10 is the standard platform from June 5, 2017 and will be installed on all Jönköping University PC:s from June to December 2017.

From 2018-01-08 to 2018-02-18 a text message will appear on JU pc with Wndows 7, informing that services in the computer will gradually and without warning cease to work and that internet access will cease 2018-02-19. Please contact IT Helpdesk to get the latest JU software package on those computers.

Get started with Windows 10external link, opens in new window (e-learning for staff)

When a problem on a computer with older software package is reported to IT Helpdesk, the primary course of action will be to reinstall the computer with the newest package.

NOTE: what you have to do before and after reinstallation of your staff pc 

Major changes compared to Software package 2015:

* Based on Windows 10 instead of Windows 7
* "Slimmed" package. Install the applications you need via Software Center
* Software Center - a portal for installing applications (replacing JU-Applications in the Start menu)
* Google Chrome as standard web browser
* New naming convention for computers and other devices
* Pure Microsoft environment, no ZENworks- or Novell client
* Improved security
* Only PS print queues (no PCL queues)
* Common JU Files for staff are accessed via a shortcut on the desktop (not via L:)
* Personal JU Files are accessed for staff via a shortcut on the desktop (and via G: when on campus)

Content updated 2018-02-05

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