The new Software package Windows 10 is the standard platform from June 5, 2017.

Get started with Windows 10 External link, opens in new window. (e-learning for staff)

When a problem on a computer with older software package is reported to IT Helpdesk, the primary course of action will be to reinstall the computer with the newest package.

NOTE: what you have to do before and after reinstallation of your staff pc 

Major changes compared to Software package 2015:

* Based on Windows 10 instead of Windows 7
* "Slimmed" package. Install the applications you need via Software Center
* Software Center - a portal for installing applications (replacing JU-Applications in the Start menu)
* Google Chrome as standard web browser
* New naming convention for computers and other devices
* Pure Microsoft environment, no ZENworks- or Novell client
* Improved security
* Only PS print queues (no PCL queues)
* Common JU Files for staff are accessed via a shortcut on the desktop (not via L:)
* Personal JU Files are accessed for staff via a shortcut on the desktop (and via G: when on campus)